Interferential Current (IFC)

IFC is an electrical therapy that passes current through an area of injury to reduce pain, relax musculature, and promote healing of the soft tissues.

The current promotes circulation in the area and stimulates the body to secrete endorphins, which act like painkillers. Most people describe the sensation to be like “pins and needles”, but very comfortable and effective. Electrical therapy is most often used for recent injuries.


Ultrasound therapy is used to increase blood flow to an area, stimulate healing, and reduce pain and inflammation.

Ultrasound is applied using a handheld device against the skin. A gel is used to help with conduction. The ultrasound device emits sound waves which cause micro-vibrations through tissue. This has a healing effect. It also creates a deep heat in the localized area which reduces spasms in muscle and allows it to relax. With the exception of a little warmth, there is usually no other sensation experienced during an ultrasound treatment.