How many of you sit at a desk for part (or all) of your work day? Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil of the modern workplace, and with it comes injury resulting from repetitive strain. If you can follow these 5 steps, you can greatly decrease your risk of injury, increase your energy levels, and be more effective at your job.


  • Break up your day. Find excuses to stand up and MOVE
  • Chat to a colleague, fill up your water, go to the washroom, whatever it may…find a reason to get up
  • Aim for every 20 minutes, but make it a minimum of once per hour
  • Set the alarm on your phone or your computer so that you don’t forget.


  • If you have to sit during your work hours, try to do the opposite during your breaks
  • stand, walk and stretch into the opposite positions


  • Design your office ergonomically to reduce excess strain on the muscles, ligaments, tendons and discs of your bodyergonomics


  • If you job requires prolonged sitting, you need to build endurance throughout your spine and core musculature to withstand the constant stresses and strains.  Contact your Chiropractor for specific exercises to help with core endurance.

5          DON’T WAIT FOR PAIN

  • Pain is often the last symptom to appear and 1st to disappear with posture related injuries, so the sooner you can prevent things the better


If you have questions about these recommendations, contact us for more information.

Yours in health,

Dr. Brad Wild