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Spring into…Spring!!

I think we can all agree that this winter was long and cold! We probably weren’t as active as we would have liked and hibernated in our homes instead. But the sun is shining and the weather is warming up, so we can start dreaming about the summer activities we are going to enjoy. Some people start soccer, baseball […]

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Family Health Care: Are we all in this together??

What does Family Health even mean?  These words are thrown around on the internet, television, radio, billboards – you name it! – and we are bombarded by messages that promise you “Amazing Health Results” if you “Try this” or “Buy that” for the low price of….!  So often, the health information that we use for ourselves and for our […]

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Snap, crackle, pop! Why on earth do we adjust the spine?

Have you seen a few chiropractors over your lifetime? If you have, chances are that your experience with each one was quite different. Just like visits to a physician, physiotherapist, naturopath, midwife, etc., every chiropractic practice differs depending on that professional’s personality, specialty, and population they treat. For instance, if you saw a chiropractor who specializes in treating athletes […]

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Nutrition Advise: Taking it Back to Basics

Nutrition and making “healthy” food choices in today’s world can be incredibly confusing. What do you look for in your food products…Low-fat? Sugar-free? Organic? Range-free? No-MSG?  Gluten-free? Added vitamins and minerals?  Our food choices often follow the popular diet fad of the day, which, unfortunately, often follows the latest marketing push from companies that use research on food and […]

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A New You in the New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!!!    We hope that you had a wonderful holiday season filled with special time with family; a good rest; and some time spent in gratitude for all that you have been blessed with during 2014.

The New Year is upon us and with it often comes a lot of resolutions to eat right, exercise more, and cut […]

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Moms-To-Be and Chiropractic Care

Have you ever wondered if you should see a chiropractor while you are pregnant?  Some of our favourite patients are moms-to-be and the newest additions to their families. Dr. Brad and Dr. Sarah are certified in Webster Technique and have advanced training in pediatric care to provide Peterborough Families with natural health care from Day 1.

By allowing your body […]

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Preventing Back Pain – what can YOU do at home?

Believe it or not, back pain has become the leading cause of disability in North America.  Did you just read that? The LEADING cause!!  We have cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and numerous other diseases plaguing our society and BACK PAIN tops the list in creating disability.

Discussing the causes of back pain is topic for another day. In this post, […]

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5 Keys to Preventing Workplace Injuries

How many of you sit at a desk for part (or all) of your work day? Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil of the modern workplace, and with it comes injury resulting from repetitive strain. If you can follow these 5 steps, you can greatly decrease your risk of injury, increase your energy levels, and be more effective at […]

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Practice Safe Posture!

Did your mother (or your chiropractor!) ever tell you to stand up straight and stop slouching? Most of us have been scolded for poor posture at one time or another, but we still don’t really make the connection between good posture and health.  Why does matter? And what exactly is good posture?

Think about how the human body evolved and […]

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